Front end developer with some design skills - NZ Based Ideally

I’m looking for someone to take on ongoing freelance work across a range of sites and clients. I am New Zealand based and most of the clients are here, although i’d be happy to work with someone offshore if it was the right fit. Excellent (written) English is important. I tend to work more over email than on the phone.
I need someone with a good knowledge of Modx and some design ability.
This would be on an hourly basis, with around 5 hours work a week initially, though this could be more or less depending on workflow.
This would be a combination of changes and maintenance on existing sites as well as development for new projects.
If you are interested, send me a message with an outline of your experience in Modx and what, if any, design experience you have. Ideally send me through a list of the top 10 Add-ons you would always install in a new Modx site.


Hi, @rachelmarama1

Send your mail via message.

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Hi @rachelmarama1 , I`m a designer, front-end and MODx developer.
Working with MODx for 5 years. Using Fenom templates. I have ready-to-go MODx build with main add-ons installed, also with JS scripts and Bootstrap 5:

  1. pdoResources
  2. translit
  3. mixedUpload
  4. miniShop2
  5. Ace
  6. CKEditor
  7. seoTemplates
  8. mixedImage (upload)
  9. MIGx
  10. ClientConfig

and some others ) Immediatly will send you my porfolio if you will be interested.

UTC+8 Timezone, Russia. Well written and speaking English. Please mail to

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