Fred TinyMCE Config

Does someone know how to setup “RTE config” to get menus exactly like these menus on your topics (fixed top) ?
Last version of FRED seems to be hard coded “inline” only

Not sure I understand exactly what you mean. Can you show what you’ve tried?

Thanks for the reply,
If I use this in my RTE config >
“theme”: “inlite”;
“inline”: true,
“selection_toolbar”: “bold italic”
It works
But if I try for example (inline false)

“theme”: “inlite”,
"inline": false,
“plugins”: “modxlink image imagetools media lists”,
“insert_toolbar”: “image media quicktable modxlink”,
“selection_toolbar”: “bold italic underline | alignleft aligncenter alignright | bullist numlist | modxlink h2 h3 h4 blockquote”,
“image_advtab”: true,
“imagetools_toolbar”: “alignleft aligncenter alignright | rotateleft rotateright | flipv fliph | editimage imageoptions”,
“auto_focus”: false,
“branding”: false,
“relative_urls”: false,
“image_dimensions”: false
Because I dont want inline it crashes and nothing shows

Also do you know where I can download fredrtetinymce.js ?

Ok the problem was the theme , inlite = inline , I had to unminify js to figure it out.

Does anyone know where can I download unminified fredrtetinymce.js ?


The _build directory might have what you’re after on the repo:

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