We’ve just released our beta version of a FRED JSON writer. It takes the hard work out of creating the JSON for options and option sets. Please check it out and let me know what you think:


Love it :hugs:

Perhaps a tooltip on the Complete and Remote toggles would be good? Apart from that it’s very user friendly I think. Super :+1:

Thanks for the Feedback, I’ve added the tooltip messages. Not 100% sure if they make sense though. Might need to think of better phrasing.

This is a great little tool - thanks so much for your contribution to the community.

I can’t really fault it, but I’d have one request: allow a partial copy of the JSON output. I’ve found myself adding to or editing existing settings so only need to copy a couple of n/v pairs or a bit of an object.

If you were being really clever, it’d be great to import an existing object and allow editing that way!

Thanks @wallacio for the feedback.

I’ll update it so you can copy partial code (I do it all the time and it was annoying me that I had to hold the mouse button down to copy the partial :D).

I love the idea for the import existing objects. It’s on the roadmap for a later date. Just trying to implement the ability to group options.

Fixed the partial copy issue. You should now be able to select the code you want without it removing your selection

Perfect, thanks! Loving your Fred work; long time MODX user but I’m just getting up to speed and completed my first site with it.
I have just stolen your RTE config gist too, so consider yourself served a virtual beer.

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@inside-creative Excellent tool! I can definitely see myself using it in the future. Cheers :slight_smile:

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