FRED Image Editing Base64/Blob Issue


Images edited with Fred/Image Editor end up being stored in-line in base64 creating very slow back-end loading times of resources with such content. Makes for a very frustrating back-end experience.

Step to reproduce

If you place any images uploaded to the server in a rich text element in Fred, and then use the built-in image editor to perhaps crop or adjust, the saved resource ends up containing the entire image via base64 vs JUST the path to the file. It INLINES the entire image as a blob.

Observed behavior

Expected behavior

I understand the act of cropping facilitates that the “new” edited image requires it’s own footprint, however I was wondering if there was a way to have the image on disk via pthumb process or something like that instead of inline.

I know the ideal solution is to crop and edit to desired format BEFORE uploading, but as these systems are designed to empower users not as “robust” as us, I was hoping to find a good solution that does not negatively impact the site’s back-end.


MODX 2.8.1, PHP 7.2