Fred-Enabled TVs not saving values


Template Variables that are visible in Fred can’t be edited.
When I go ahead and enter a value, save the page and then reload, the value is gone. When I do the same thing from the Manager the value saves just as usual and even shows up in Fred. So the ‘connection’ works. I just can’t submit new values from Fred.

Step to reproduce

I have created a TV and enable it to show up in the Fred Interface with the following properties on the TV:

  • fred set to 1 (Yes/No)
  • fred.type set to image

like mentioned here:

Observed behavior

The Fred-Enabled TV let’s me choose an image and shows the URL + Preview, it just doesn’t save the new URL value after saving the page.
Using the TV in the Manager (when the TV Input Type is not set to Fred Dropzone; see link above) works just as it should and the new value even shows up in the Fred interface.

Expected behavior

The TV value should be saved/updated when editing from Fred.


Tested on two separate installs MODX 3.0.4-pl and 3.0.3-pl
with both using Fred 2.1.5-pl

I’m not sure if this a bug or if the workflow to enable TVs for Fred is different/has changed, so any help or hints are appreciated.