FRED: can't figure out TinyMce config, and how to set a default element

I’m having trouble getting some things working in FRED. The documentation is pretty bare bones, unless there is some somewhere I haven’t found.

  1. I pasted a new JSON config into the RTE Configs and linked it to the theme. Using that config, though, when I click on an image inserted in the text, I just get a popup above the image with left, center, and right icons. Deleting the “imagetools_toolbar” settings from the config, or replacing it with one without the alignment icons, has no effect. I need to be able to click an image and then get into the TinyMce image popup to edit details there.

  2. The documentation says to set a default element, but I don’t see anywhere to do that, neither by editing the theme or editing an element.

There is a column “Default Element” in the grid in the tab “Themes”, where you can use inline editing to change the value by double-clicking the grid cell.

But you only need the “Default Element” if you are converting existing non-Fred resources to Fred.

No one have any ideas about the TinyMCE image problem?

Can’t help I’m afraid but I’m experiencing the same thing.