Fred and image TVs and media sources

If I create an image-type TV, give it the fred, fred.type and properties, it works as expected for non-Fred pages, and in Fred shows properly when selecting an image in the page’s Settings -> TVs tab.

However, when rendering in the page, the source’s path is prepended to the image’s full path, thus doubling the (for example) /assets/images//assets/images/…

If I change the TV type to a Fred Dropzone type, then Fred-rendered TV images work correctly, but non-Fred pages are missing the media source path. And, of course, you can’t edit those TVs in the Manager for a non-Fred page.

This isn’t the end of the world, just use non-Fred enabled TVs and edit them from the Manager. But the question remains, why does Fred double the media source path if using an ordinary image-type TV?

My guess is that, unlike other TVs, MODX prepends the media path to image TVs, and then Fred does the same thing to them.

Would it work to use a text TV instead? It gives you more control over things.