Fred and Bootstrap carousel

Hi All,

Do you have any example of implementation of Bootstrap Carousel with Fred having the carousel-inner div with a data-fred-dropzone, and each carousel-item as droppable object?

I am trying to find the best way to implement this successfully, but not with big success so far…
Thanks in advance.

Env: Modx 2.7.1-pl with Fred 1.1.0 RC2

Thanks in advance

EDIT: Found this information on Fred githib:

I shall try this.
If you have other ways of Bootstrap carousel implementation with Fred, please share your ideas.

Well, I had success implementing a carousel using the method mentioned above, but it seems that Fred has some inline editing limitations.
I am not able to pick a link like I am able to do with an image so I can have a popup for the properties changes.

Opened a github issue in order to get more details or know if this is something still missing from fred:

If it is still missing and not targeted to 1.1.0-pl, then I might go for drag and drop approach for the links