Forms to PDF with pdftk on shared webhosting?

I need to create a form which fills automatically a predesigned PDF (contract). I found this detailed tutorial by @lkfranklin but my site is running on a shared webhosting server and it seems like I would need my own server? Or is there a way to install pdftk on my hosted server?

For a situation like the one you describe, I used DOMPDF php library. But this was 5 years ago. Anyway, still viable today as it is actively maintained.

Now you have other more interesting solutions that work just fine on a shared host environment like TCPDF. It is actively maintained, highly customizable and you can use HTML to build your PDF Template.

I am not aware of any interesting PDF plugin available for Modx.


For pdftk you need your own hosted server. Remember PDF’s are complex and you might be better of using a free solution where you have to render the text manually using X/Y coordinates like FPDF.

You could also look into a paid tool like SetaPDF-FormFiller.

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