Formlt displays tag input

Hi, help solve the problem
After the transfer of the site, the has appeared in the form
in the browser the code looks like this

input engine=“hidden” name=“af_action” value=“8cf405dd18572923c1c2e1d53da4b91d”>

This template does not have
this is contained in the snippet of AjaxForm

$action = ‘input ENGINE=“hidden” name=“af_action” value="’ . $hash . ‘" />’;

what is the problem?

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So the result should obviously show input type="hidden" not engine="hidden" for it to be not printed in the front end. I personally would try renaming the ENGINE to type within the snippet, although that’s just a blind shot and might break things.

Unfortunately I’m not familiar with the AjaxForm Extra (as all the docs are russian) so I can’t really help much but maybe you could post your form call and related templates here, so we can take a closer look.

Thank you for your willingness to help
the fact is that everything worked fine, I just changed the hosting, the code itself did not touch. and this field appeared.

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Are you running on the same PHP version than before?

Thanks for trying to help me, but I already fixed the error.
the problem was in the wrong import database

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