FormItLoadSavedForm is not able to load saved form

FormItLoadSavedForm is not able to load saved form. When I try to load a saved form, the following error message is visible in the log:

[2023-07-01 10:25:35] (ERROR @ D:\www\www175\core\vendor\xpdo\xpdo\src\xPDO\xPDO.php : 666) Could not load class: FormItForm from mysql.formitform
[2023-07-01 10:25:35] (ERROR @ D:\www\www175\core\vendor\xpdo\xpdo\src\xPDO\xPDO.php : 786) FormItForm::load() is not a valid static method.

The Entry is successfully saved to the database, but loading it again does not work. This was working with ModX 2.x und FormIt 4.x.

There has been an error with the FormItSaveForm Hook, which seems to be resolved in 5.0.1 according to the ticket: MODX 3.0.1 FormItSaveForm Errors · Issue #274 · Sterc/FormIt · GitHub (FormItSaveForm snippet missing?).

Any Idea, what could be the problem?

In the snippet “FormItLoadSavedForm” in the MODX manager change this line

to this instead

use Sterc\FormIt\Model\FormItForm;

Thanks @halftrainedharry , it works, you made my day :smiley: