FormIt Problem - two questions

Hi friends, i have problem about FormIt.

1- When a visitor sends a message, it doesn’t show that the message was sent. But from extras i can view all submitted forms.

2- For submitted messages, how i can get from my e-mail. I want to specify a different email for each language page.

For #1, the usual method is to set the redirectTo property in the FormIt tag to the ID of a page containing a message telling the user that the email has been sent.

For #1, there are various methods. One is to create a TV containing the email address for each page, and use a TV tag for that TV in the FormIt tag.


In Modal

  1. Code
&validate=`phone-zv:required, name:required, email:required, `

If i write like this code, i get message “you sent successfully message”, but related message not go Extras or Gmail.



if i write code like this, i dont see this message “you sent successfully message”. Form cant close after message, but message come in “extras”

Full Code

<div id="modal_form" class="modal-adaptive">
    <a class="exit"></a>
  &emailSubject=`Новое сообщение с сайта`
  &validate=`phone-zv:required, name:required, email:required, `
  &validationErrorMessage=`В форме содержатся ошибки!`
  &successMessage=`<h2>Сообщение успешно отправлено</h2>`
<div id="overlay"></div>