FormIt Magic Links?

I think that is the correct term for what I am looking for.

I want to create a form to collect current status data and store for a visitor. I will store with JSON in a table. Maybe using email address as the id?

I do not want to create users or manage passwords. When a person who has filled out the data previously they submit the their email address and the system sends them back a link to the form and prefills or summarizes the data from the last submission.

  • Formit Hook (to store the data)
  • Formit Hook (to lookup and the existing record and email the link)
  • Snippet (to read the url parameter and read the data)

Anything else? Would you add rate limiting?

Are you looking for help programming such a functionality or are you looking for existing implementations?

Maybe take a look at the hooks FormItSaveForm and FormItLoadSavedForm that come with FormIt.

Or maybe the extra FormIt2db if you want to use a custom database table.

I was wondering if anyone had done anything similar. I saw some posts about passwordless logins. I think I can copy and paste together what I need. I have made a few custom FormIt hooks.

Just wondering if I was missing anything or if there were any flaws in my logic.

I could be wrong but I think these “passwordless logins” still require you to manage users. And they are only available in MODx3.