FormIt & getresourcefield


I need to change the contact mail in old sites and i can’t figure out how it’s been configured in the first place.

Here’s the code :

[[!FormIt? &hooks=`spam,email,emailUser,redirect` &emailTo=`[[getResourceField? &id=`17` &field=`adresse-mail` &processTV=`1` &default=`Impossible d'afficher l'adresse mail, veuillez recharger la page`]]` &emailSubject=`Contact - site internet` &emailFromName=`[[+nom]]` &emailTpl=`ContactTpl` &redirectTo=`12` ]]

I’ve managed to understand that the code made reference to the id=17 and the field=adresse-mail but it seems that in the first place it hasn’t been set.

Here’s a screenshot

I’ve tryed to change the variable but it doesn’t seems to work.

does anyone can help me out understanding where I have to put the new mail address ?



It’s referring to the template variable ‘adresse-mail’, check out resource 17 and click on ‘template variables’ there you’ll probably find the mail adres.

Ok i’ve get it, my mistake was thinking that the id=17 was referring to the “pour getresourcefield” TV as shown on my screenshot …

Thank a lot !

I can understand the confusion. You’re welcome!

I had a similar problem but I think now reading this I know how to fix it.

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