Formit extension menu unseen by non sudo administrator

Hi all,
Maybe this problem is due to my missunderstood of control acces list and other right privilege
but, for some reason, i create more than one administrator account to grant acces to manager with all right, and i got a problem with Formit extension menu : only sudo administrator can see the menu

“simple” administrator cant see formit in menu extension where all form are saved. is there a way to grant acces to formit extention menu without sudo ?


Possibly you denied the access to the Extras Menu via ACLs?

As kind of a workaround you could create a custom Menu under Settings - Menus and move FormIt to that Menu. Then simply assign the Menu to the (non-sudo) Admin User Group. This way you can deny access to the Extras Menu, but easily grant access to specific Extras.

It might help you to go to System (gear icon) -> Menus. Find the Extras menu item and under it the FormIt menu item. Right-click on those items and select “Update Menu” then look to see what permission(s) they each require (if any).

Typically, the Extras menu requires components permission, so you may be able to just check that permission on the any of the Policies that govern your non-sudo users.

i see the formit right in ACL, formit and formit encryptions.
after cheking those right i can acces to formit menu without sudo

formit permission menu was just “formit” … pretty simple when you know how to deal with it.

making custom menu can be interesting for non admin user, like ressources writer, to have somme quick access menu (need to take some time to see all possibilities)

i need to duplicate the pre installed group before modifying one of them (read it in bob modx bible).
need to practice more and more ACL to know how to make ressources writers and specific user right.

having french interface and english tutorial are quite disturbing for me. I need to make some effort to understand each option and how acl and right group work. i have a too much approximative idea of the all thing, enough to understand what concept making them work, not enough to create one by myself.

I have to talk about one ridiculous thing: a thing that irritate me the more is to make mistake and have some incremental Id with hole in the sequence by deleting ressource or chunk or whatsoever (make me think its an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or something like that) this alway push me wanting make a fresh and clean install, sorry but hey, i need to talk about this to someone !

We’ve all been frustrated by MODX permissions at one time or another. :wink:

I’ve tried to create a diagnostic plugin to report on why the permission is denied, but as far as I can tell, there’s no way to do it.