Formit - emailTo issue


I’m having an issue with a customer’s website contact form. A copy of the formit call is listed below. When I have the emailTo set up to be sent to my personal Gmail account, the contact form is generated and sent to my personal Gmail account without issue. In my Modx system settings, the mail_smtp_hosts is set to localhost.

However, when I have the emailTo setup to be sent to my customer’s email address (which is an email address under their website’s domain name), the contact form shows in the manager under the FormIt “View all submitted forms” page, the redirect occurs properly, but the email does not send through to my customer. I have access to their email account, and it is not showing in spam either.

Any clue as to what the issue may be? Please let me know if you need any other information. Thank you in advance for your help!

   &formName=`Contact Page - Form`
   &emailSubject=` Contact Form - Email from [[+name]] - [[+email]]`
   &fieldNames=`name==Customer Name,email==Customer Email Address,phone==Customer Phone Number,company==Company Name,message==Customer Message`
      &successMessage=`<div class="callout primary large" data-closable>

  <p><em>Thank you for contacting us! Your message has been submitted successfully, and we will get back to you soon.</em></p>
  <button class="close-button" aria-label="Dismiss alert" type="button" data-close>
      <span aria-hidden="true">&times;</span>
&validationErrorMessage=`<div class="callout primary large" data-closable>
  <p><em>Please review the following errors:</em></p>
        [[!!empty=`<li><a href="[[~[[*id]]]]#name">Name is a required field</a></li>`]]
        [[!!empty=`<li><a href="[[~[[*id]]]]#email">Email is a required field</a></li>`]]
        [[!+fi.error.message:!empty=`<li><a href="[[~[[*id]]]]#message">Message is a required field</a></li>`]]
    <button class="close-button" aria-label="Dismiss alert" type="button" data-close>
        <span aria-hidden="true">&times;</span>


Check spam. Could be a dns error.

Hi there,
Maybe this will give you more details: Please generate email here and put into emailTo, then analyze service report.
Alternatively, you can also use QuickEmail snippet for debugging.

You can also try setting the following MODX systems settings in the area Mail according to your emailFrom address:

* mail_smtp_hosts   // something like
* mail_smtp_user    //
* mail_smtp_pass
* mail_smtp_port    // usually 587 or 465
* mail_use_smtp     // Yes

I had issues with formit not sending to the sites domain address as well and it usually got resolved by setting up a proper SMTP email like mentioned above.