Formit does not send emails to the organization's address

Good afternoon, formit works and modx sends emails, for example, to But it does not send it to the organization’s mail, for example The organization’s email is working, but emails from modx formit do not arrive there .
Where do you need additional nightmares? please tell me

Hi Alexandr,
How about DKIM, SPF, DMARC and other email settings for your organization’s email? Please double-check these if everything else has already been checked. Additionally, you can always debug this with SendMail for additional information what’s wrong.

Mate if you can receive the email from the webiste form to gmail and hotmail but your organization email the problem is not Modx, must be the config on the organization emial.
Focus on the emails config like @himurovich recommends.

What those awesome people said ^, and SMTP. If you don’t have MODX configured to send via SMTP that’s going to harm your delivery rates a lot, and especially to the same domain.