FormIt and FormItSave

Hello, I’m trying to use both Formit and FormItSave.

I’m using FormIt to send emails, and FormItSave to keep information on the website.

FormItSave works, but now my previous FormIt just won’t work. Can I use the two packages at once?

I’ve been testing my contact form and using basic examples from the internet and even those aren’t working anymore, which makes me suspect that I may not be able to send emails anymore.

Thanks for the input and letting me vent

What do you mean by “FormItSave”

It sounds like you are being blocked from sending emails. If you can’t get just a basic FormIt working, but the forms are saving and the form “seems” like it is sending, it is possible your host has blocked you. Where are you hosted?

I always recommend setting up SMTP Relay instead of relying on PHP to send your email. It is much more reliable and easier to diagnose issues. You can read our splainer here Configure MODX to Use an Email Service Provider – MODX Cloud Support

Make sure that the email sender has an email account with your host that’s allows to send email.

+1 for using SMTP.

I use Mailgun for all outgoing email. Once you get it set up properly, you get much better deliverability. Your messages won’t be blocked as spam, and the cost is trivial unless you’re sending a ton of emails. I think I spend well under 25 cents per month.