Formalicious and MODx 3


Are there any known problems with Formalicious and MODx 3?

I seem to be getting a new error message in the logs after upgrading from 2.8.4 to 3.0.1 showing this:

(ERROR @ /ROOTFOLDER/core/src/Revolution/modTemplateVar.php : 1016) modTemplateVar::parseBinding - third parameter is invalid JSON :@SELECT '- Select a form -' AS name, 0 AS id UNION ALL SELECT name,id FROM [[+PREFIX]]formalicious_forms WHERE published = 1

This happens when opening a page in the manager that has the Formalicious TV.

It’s not a Formalicious problem.
It’s a bug in MODX 3.

There is already an issue about this:

Although an error message gets logged, the code should still work correctly.

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