ForgotPassword messages not translated

For a site where the cultureKey is set to NL, and other things are translated correctly.

ForgotPassword messages not translated. The email and confirmation text stay English:

Your Login Information Has Been Sent Your login information has been sent to the email address

The chunk:

[[!ForgotPassword? &resetResourceId=`1063` &tpl=`sl_login_forget_tpl` &emailTpl=`sl_login_forget_email` &sentTpl=`sl_login_forget_send` ]]

It seems the displayed message is the content of the chunk “lgnForgotPassSentTpl”, which is the default of the sentTpl property.

As you set “sentTpl” to a custom chunk (&sentTpl=`sl_login_forget_send` ), shouldn’t the content of that chunk be displayed?