Fontawesome and TV

Hopefully this post is in the correct arena.

Here is our scenario:

We have an HTML site that we converted to another CMS years ago. Our client wants to move to the latest version of that particular CMS, the problem is that the new version does not support many of the add-ons that we had acquired over the years - so now a dead horse and they are treading water for the time being.

They have bought into moving to MODX…

We have been using MODX for some time and are quite familiar with it - the goal is to move this client as well as other clients to MODX.

We have an element that I’ll call a “feature area”. in this feature area the HTML uses icons to display a visual icon. We want to do the same thing with MODX and FA with TVs, but cannot figure out how to install FA and use a TV to allow users to pick an FA icon.

On the “feature item” we have an icon upper left or right, a title and a text area below it. We can do a TV with the Title and Text area, but cannot figure out how to allow user to select an icon (want FA) . We’ve created a Migx TV and reference our TV, but no luck with the “FA TV” idea. We

Can’t see how to upload an image so here is an excerpt from the original HTML (which we are using to migrate to MODX):

*** this is handled by our css *** this is the icon - want to use FA...


*** have a TV that splits this from the content below


*** split from above header as separate text

We are NOT Fred ready yet, but will be moving in that direction at some time late.

Hope this makes some sense…

Maybe you could take a look at the extra SuperBoxFontawesome (that adds the functionality to select Fontawesome Icons to the Superboxselect extra).

It also sounds like ContentBlocks might be a good fit for you. Not specifically for your icons (although those solutions can be integrated there as well) but in general to give your client layout and content templates to work with.

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Should have mentioned this, but we do have these installed but it is not clear how to use them.

We’ve got many google links on this subject such as:
Usage - SuperBoxSelect (this refers to user… nothing about how to use FA)
MODX SuperBoxSelect For Dummies | SofaSurfer (not really helping us)

Should have also mentioned that we are NOT “hard core phpers”, we know enough to be dangerous but that is our limitation. We rely mainly on the Core Product and known good add-ons .

Oh and also, found the following:
FontawesomeForMODX 0.0.0 and installed it, so that’s a plus.

The extra Superboxselect (on its own) can be used as a TV type to select multiple resources or users. Similar to the built-in type “Listbox (Multi-Select)”. But it uses AJAX to filter the options during selection, and you can reorder the selected items afterwards.

The extra SuperBoxFontawesome adds the functionality to select FA icons.

To use it, create a new TV. Set the “Input Type” to “SuperBoxSelect”. Then choose “FontAwesome Icons” in the dropdown “Type:” (also in the tab “Input Options”).

Thanks for the detailed info. Just tried to install FontawesomeForMODX and got this error:
Could not download and create transport package with signature: fontawesomeformodx-

No issues with any other packages. All google searches suggest mysql is possiblt segfaulting or running out of ram. Nothing wrong with mysql as every other package installed. Could it be a result of Fred being install with FA for Fred???

I never used FontawesomeForMODX and I don’t really understand what it’s for.

I seems to me, that it just contains a single chunk that then outputs a <link>-tag for the Fontawesome CSS (either to a CDN or a local copy).

I don’t think you need an extra for this. Just create the <link>-tag yourself in the template.

Okay, thanks to everyone.

We fixed it performing a manual install.

Thanks halftrainedharry, yes it is a simple chunk - thanks for pointing that out.

So far everything seems to be okay.

Thanks again.