First time using S3, can't get it setup correctly

Hey everyone. We have multiple websites running on MODX 2.8.4-pl and we are looking to add in s3 storage. I’ve created the S3 bucket, Using the URL of HTTPS:// and I tried HTTP. I’m pretty sure I have the correct Key and secret key from IAM, and I’m sure I have put in the correct region.

In files, the source is there but there is nothing inside of it. When we go to make a TV the media source is not an option. What am I missing? I feel like it is something dumb.

Hi @ax2music,

I don’t have a quick answer for you but in the interests of helping others help you more effectively, could you tell us what version of PHP you’re running and what version of the S3 Media Source you’re using?

It may also be helpful to include some screenshots of the configurations (with sensitive data blurred or omitted).

I’ll also see about getting some assistance from members of the Community to answer your question. I’m sure others have had this same issue or may in the future.

I’ve read but haven’t confirmed that others have had issues with the built-in S3 Media Source for Revo. You may wish to consider the AWS S3 Media Source. If you’re on 2.x you’ll be able to find this in Extras>Installer.

Instructions for configuration and using the Extra are here: GitHub - modxcms/aws-s3-media-source

Let us know how you get on.