First impression on this new forum

My first post. Still not familiar with community structure and navigation.

My first impression:
*) Title must be at least 15 characters. Serious?
*) I can not post new topic with title “First Post - First Post”, so I change it to “First impression on this new forum”

I got an “Editor Badge” for my first editing. How cool…

I think that’s a pretty valid restriction, personally. Descriptive topic threads definitely help people know what they’re going into, rather than “Site broke” a minimum forces people to think of a slightly more descriptive title.


X100 longer more detailed titles help organize information and search efficiency without a doubt.

The badges are cool and help drive usage and engagement, a lot of behavioral stuff can be done today I would expect.

A little disappointed Modx didn’t keep a forum in-house but this is the tech ecosystem we have, not the one we want. Modx does one important thing very, very well, so…you find partners for other stuff.

Discourse seems like a good choice here but I don’t know what the options were. Its good to have a new forum option for new users.

One thing I was thinking is that there should be some basic funnels for new users, like get up and going with a forum, or multilingual, or user-based, so that some basic functionality is quick and easy after installation. Like with multilingual you really need to set up Modx right in the first place, like collation, that info needs to be integrated into the installation guide. Choose your own adventure, if you will.

However that does lead to picking and choosing among extras…although I suppose it doesn’t have to.

I think this forum will be great for organizing info and getting Modx LLC right in front (again, install guide etc.) of the users, which is wonderful.

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There is a getting started guide for the forums itself, @discobot should have PMed you there. There’s a major Docs rewrite effort going on in the community with @markh and others.


After a short time of “getting used to everything new” (and changing the theme to dark mode) I really love the new forums so far!

Love to hear that! MODX as great as it is, rises and falls with the ability of new users to get a foot in the door…

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