Files > Filesystem: Not Displaying Directories or Contents

Hi Lucy: Thank you for the feedback. I will take a look at the folder permissions.

Softaculous definitely can support MODX 3.x and it does so very well on my host.

I normally update my site using SiteDash but depending on the circumstances I sometimes use Softaculous. They did briefly have an issue with 3.0.1 but it was sorted v quickly. I’ve updated several sites from 3.0 to 3.0.1 and from 3.0.1 to 3.0.2. It’s always been reliable and I’ve never seen the issue outlined in this thread.

Hope you find the source of the problem! It does sounds like it might be something to do with your hosting environment [permissions perhaps as @lucy suggested].

If you drop me an email with credentials (manager and server access) and approve an hour of paid support tonight I may still be able to look at this for you before the weekend, @mmcgee.

Hey Mark — skytoaster was taking a look at it, and now all of a sudden the File tree works! And on both sites. I am awaiting a response from Skytoaster support to determine what change they made on their end.

I have no answers. The Files tab is working now on both sites. The host claims that they did not make any changes on their end. Very perplexing. Thank you for jumping in to provide assistance. I will continue to monitor and reach back out if the problem returns.