FileLister not working anylmore

I discovered recently the extension fileLister was not working anymore over PHP 7.2 and over.
A mcrypt librairy issue.

we added mcrypt to our different PHP version (well I think it is…) But it does not work anymore over 7.1 neither.
but no way to get anymore the filelister working. tpl are the same as before when everything was ok.

adding a rem in the tpl, we see the href is totally unpopulated
and the link to individual files are not present as they were.
thak for any help or alternative solutions.

<!-- Documentation/imChem/Docs-HPLC/ 
filelister.path =     <li class="linkToFolder">
	<i class="elu_icon-folder-open" style="color: #015A91;   font-size: 1.2em"></i>&nbsp; 
<span class="badge alert-info3 noshadow"><a class="fl-path"  href="imchem-hplc.html?fd=">Documentation/imChem/Docs-HPLC</a></span>

</li>  -  navKey =  - 

the subdirs are shown
but no file inside as they should be the link href contains only a link to the page itself

<li class="feo-row first  filelister feo-dirname filelister-Dir-tpl" title="Naviguer ici">


the Filelister call is:
[[!FileLister? &path=Documentation/[[*pagetitle]]/Docs-[[!pdoField? id=[[*parent]] &field=pagetitle]]/