File names on upgrade to MODX 3

I’ve got quite a large site that I want to upgrade from MODX 2.# to MODX 3. Bearing in mind that MODX 3 renames PDFs / images in upload according to friendly_alias_restrict_chars (or in my understanding it does this), how do I upgrade and maintain alias as the above system setting but keep the names of images / PDFs that the client might have upload as say ‘My Pdf.pdf’ or ‘This is a Picture of ME.jpg’ ? Just trying to avoid broken links / surprises on upgrade.

I’m pretty sure the transliteration only happens when a file is uploaded.
So already existing files shouldn’t be affected.

You can also change the system setting upload_translit to No to disable the renaming on upload.

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Thank you Harry. It just occurred to me though - that setting isn’t available before MODX 3 as far as I know (I didn’t even know it was there in 3 TBH) and so I’d need to know at what point the translit actually happens - is it on upload or will say, clearing cache cause this?

It’s only on upload.

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Thank you Harry. That’s a relief!

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