Feed or API for latest MODX releases


I’d love to know the location for the latest stable version of MODX that we can check with automated tools

Is there any RSS or anything that we can ping to see what the latest version of MODX revo is?

SiteDash has a very rudimentary API and actually is an automated tool that will let you know of available updates and such. It’ll even remotely do the upgrade for you if you want. :wink: https://sitedash.app

SiteDash gets its information primarily from GitHub (which I add to manually as needed) and the recent nightlies support via this xml feed and this one. I don’t think modx.com currently has an official feed of releases, but perhaps that’s something @matdave could add in a similar fashion to the nightlies?

You could look at the code of UpgradeMODX, which checks GitHub for more recent versions, with or without a .pl filter.

A long time ago, there was talk of having an endpoint somewhere that reported the available versions, but AFAIK, it never materialized.

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Yeah thanks for the tips!

I looked at the UpgradeMODX source and I think I’m going to yoink some of that over into a new project.

Thanks Bob!

You’re welcome to borrow the code from UpgradeMODX, but there is also another extra that alerts you to the existence of MODX upgrades and available extra upgrades. I think it’s called “Updater.”

Latest release RSS → <![CDATA[MODX Latest Releases]]>



It doesn’t look like that includes the MODX3 alpha releases, just 2.x releases. Is that intentional? (Fine if so, just making sure.)

looks like there is another feed for MODX3

I took @bobray 's code and ran with it. I love that there is an official RSS feed, but I started building our own API after it didn’t look like there was one. Here’s the code:

I’m going to work with my IT lead to get this hosted later today. It’ll basically just be a middle man that sits between github tags and the client, with a 15 minute cache so that it doesn’t hit the github rate limit.

I’ll post back here once it’s live. It’ll be a public endpoint as long as it doesn’t get massively hammered.

That’s for nightlies, not “normal” releases. Just want to clarify what to expect.

That’s fabulous!

It would be nice if there were an endpoint to receive this in JSON format with just the Name and version number, and an option to include all releases, not just the -pl ones.

We’re going to create a set of endpoints from the API to get releases and/or pre-releases in JSON format. I’ll reply with more information shortly.

That will be most excellent!!!

until then, feel free to use this:


(i can only post two links so check the github for the other routes)

looks like i need to send the correct Content-Type header but this is maybe the json you want?


content type is updated in case anyone cares. :slight_smile:

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