Extras > Installer gives blank page (connection error) after moving site

I just moved a site to a local dev environment (Ubuntu on wsl). After a bit of hassle the setup went through without errors and everything seems to work fine except when I go to Extras > Installer I get a blank page stating: Error: Connection lost.

In my apache error.log I get this, not sure if that’s related though:

[Wed Dec 07 17:29:47.786873 2022] [core:notice] [pid 675] AH00051: child pid 1133 exit signal Segmentation fault (11), possible coredump in /etc/apache2

Any ideas what’s causing this?

MODX 2.8.4-pl
MariaDB 10.6.11

This probably won’t help but maybe it’s worth a try to test it.

When you go to Extras > Installer the code tries to load update information for the installed packages from the package provider. So it could be a problem with this connection.

Changing the values of the “provider” column in the database table modx_transport_packages to 0 should avoid such requests, as no package provider is specified anymore.

Unfortunately no change, still nothing.

The MODX error log shows this:

(ERROR @ /var/www/html/core/cache/mgr/smarty/default/88078a55791807a5da7691969bef82a0999f3b1e_0.file.header.tpl.php : 75) PHP warning: Undefined array key "a"

Is this related maybe?

(Although this error seems to occur already when loading just the manager dashboard).

I just found more issues, so I guess something during the move went wrong which is probably why it’s not working. I will start from scratch again, so no need to think about this further. Thanks for the help!

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