Extras gone AWOL in MODX3!

Hi Folks

I have a fresh local (MAMP) install of MODX3.
However, when I go to add a few Extras, I get something I’ve never seen before…

MODX received a blank response from the provider. Please double check your service URL and make sure the provider is a valid provider.

I’ve searched for a solution in vain.

Any ideas anyone?

Many thanks

My setup:
Mac High Sierra 10.13.6
PHP 7.4.2
MySql 5.7.26

Maybe this helps:

Hi halftrainedharry

Yes, I did spot your issue but also saw that the solution was pretty convoluted. I use Chrome and Safari for developing and so going off down the Firefox route wasn’t something that I’d foreseen. However, in the absence of anything else I will have to pursue this avenue. Beats me why that should be the case though. Surely something’s not right.

But many thanks

This has nothing to do with Firefox. Your MAMP installation just can’t verify the SSL certificate.
I believe MODX 2 used http so this wasn’t an issue, and MODX 3 now uses https to connect to the package provider.

Ah, OK.
Let me have a closer look. Usually I find this kind of stuff beyond me but needs must.

Thanks again

Just a last quick question…
In your fix you reference ‘13’ and ‘8’.
What do they specifically refer to?
I’m struggling to equate those numbers with anything in those referenced articles.