Extras automatic installation

Hi there, I’m in the process of dockerization for an existing modx site, and I’m wondering if there a way to install extras on a MODx site using some sort of script or command line? I took a look at https://modx.com/extras/package/composerx and although it kind of makes sense, not all extras are managed using compose, and yet, with compose I know it’ll download the components, but it won’t set them up inside MODx.

Currently, I’m just storing the extras on a zip, decompress them, the restore the database, and it works, but I need to achieve a more elegant solution, and specially that it doesn’t depend on files stored on a s3 o git repo amanged by myself.

Gitify has a cli command to install a MODX package. You could use that, or peak at its code on GitHub to see how you might implement that yourself.

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thanks a lot, totally missed that although i was just starting to work with Gitify

teleport could be another option