Extra's are not available

What’s going on extras.modx.com? It’s not possible to install extras from the package manager. Is there another way to install the extras?

If you have the same extra installed on another MODX installation, you can go to the folder core/packages and copy the .zip file to the same folder of your new MODX installation and then use the option “Search Locally for Packages” in the Package Management (or alternatively use drag&drop).

You could also use a different provider for some of the extras (like for example modstore for pdoTools), but most of the extras are only available on modx.com.

@opengeek @smashingred Any idea why the API for the MODX extras doesn’t work?

Thnx again for your response. Luckely I have a complete copy of the site on a different domain. I’ll copy the zip-files from there