Extra to easily integrate VueJS and ModX

Hi, today I want to share a integration we build for PHP and Vue on top of our favorite CMS, ModX, with this, you’ll be able to build really powerful applications with tons of tools and extras out of the box, this first release has 2 major limitations, first, NPM packages are not yet supported, and also webpack build is still missing, but we are already testing this and will be ready on the next release, you can check our usage demo at VloX VueJs + PHP integration for ModX - YouTube and our public repo at GitHub - Trotalo/vlox


Very cool! I’ll have to take a look when I have a little more time and test it out. I love the concept having used Vue.js in other projects. Having a library of common components would be pretty cool. Very similar to the concepts around Ext.js, but built for MODX.

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Thanks, and exactly the idea, we already have some components that we build the last year, and will be publishing after we finish the stable release, the idea is to have a central repo of visual/ business components, something like envato, as well as add the functionality so each developer can also easily manage/share/maintain their own components locally