Extra Blogit upgrade to MODX 2.8.4

Perhaps a stupid question…

I want to upgrade a site to MODX 2.8.4. I’ve installed Blogit and I wonder if this upgrade has an effect on Blogit. Because I can’t find Blogit anymore in the package manager on sites who are already running on 2.8.4.
Is this extra no longer available? And if so, is there an alternative for setting up a blog?

(I’m not ready yet to work with MODX 3.0 installed this on a development site for learning about Fred…)

I don’t know what is going on with the package manager. Extras seem to disappear and reappear quite randomly.

But you can download the package directly from here

and then put the file in the core\packages folder.

In the manager under “Extras” → “Installer” click the arrow of the “Download Extras” button and select “Search Locally for Packages” to install it.

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I’ve done that but I have some issues with Tagger, it doesn’t work as it should.
On the site I want to upgrade it works fine. The link of the tag is …nl/blog/tags/*tag. But Blogit installed on MODX 2.8.4 gives as link .nl/tags/*tag. It’s missing /blog/ and as a result of that, I don’t get the page showing the resources with the given tag.
I’ve made an exact copy of all the codes/templates etc from the working site.
I don’t know what’s going wrong.

Before I upgrade the site to 2.8.4, I want to make sure that tagging works without any problems.

I don’t know specifically about BlogIt, but the extra Tagger works perfectly fine on MODX 2.8.4.
Maybe your settings for friendly URLs are not set correctly on the test site.

From what MODX version are you trying to update to MODX 2.8.4?

I did a test with BlogIt on MODX 2.8.4 and the problem I had was, that the ClientConfig setting [[++blogit.blog_container_id]] in
[[!TaggerGetTags? ... &target=`[[++blogit.blog_container_id]]`]] was empty after the installation.

I had to click the “Save configuration” button (under “Extras” → “Configuration”) to see the ClientConfig values similar to this issue on github.

Thank you!
Saving solved it.
I have taken over some websites for maintenance all running on 2.8.1. One of them has an unpublished BlogIt section. Upgrade to 2.8.4 was successful and no problems with BlogIt or Tagger after saving configuration.

The Blogit extra is listed as being compatible with “2.4 – 2.4”. That’s why it doesn’t show up inside the Manager when you search.

Probably. But I think before the release of MODX 3 this version control wasn’t enforced.

I just had the experience with the getDate package that one day it was missing from the package manager and a few weeks later it reappeared again. What changed? I don’t know, but certainly not the package (which is still from 2013).

This “Supported Versions” data also isn’t very reliable. There are extras with “2.2 – Current” that show up in MODX 3 (albeit not compatible) and extras like BlogIt with “2.4 – 2.4” although they work fine on MODX 2.8.

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