EXTJS Grid with nested grid?


I am researching about the possibilty to show a nested grid with row expander.
Found something by sencha. But no example with modx.

If click on expand then should be a external call and sub datagrid showing.

Is it possible and how?

Thank you in advance.


I have never seen a grid within a grid in any MODX code I read.

Usually you open a new window that contains a grid, or add a new tab that contains a grid, or load an entire new page.

please have a look at this example:


I have not enough experience to port it to modx.
May be modx3 have a different EXTJS Version…

Thank you very much.

Displaying a grid should be possible somehow in a grid by using the right renderer. I never tried that.

Editing is maybe possible too. But the usability is difficult. How would you add a row inside?

AFAIK MODX 3 still uses the (very old) version 3.4 of Ext.js.

The example you linked has code (Ext.application, Ext.view.Table, etc.) that doesn’t seem to be available in version 3.4.