Export as static HTML

We are moving to a new intranet and we would like to export the current news items (resources) as static HTML. Is this possible and where should I start? We are using MODX version 2.3.2.

are you just wanting to export the content fields or the entire page markup including the template html ?

Preferably the entire page including HTML.

I think it’ll be easier if you use a program like httrack to scrape the pages for you in that case, or if you have the know how build a small scraper in python or node (you can use a package called cheerio) - there’s loads of mini tutorials around for how to do that.

I was thinking of the same solution but was hoping there would be a package or build in solution. I’m afraid I don’t have the know how to build a small scraper. So httrack wil be my best chance. Thanks for your help and quick replies!