Experienced MODX Developer (Ongoing)

Experienced MODX Developer
We are looking for a MODX developer who can assist us with our website, which is currently built in MODX. We are running MODX Revolution 2.7.3-pl. We are located in Australia and as a result prefer someone close to our timezone (but it is not mandatory).

We have a number of small projects which are around creating single page add-ons. Some will have auth requirements and some basic animation. These projects are all stop-gaps until we are in a position to redevelop the website.

Mandatory Requirements:

  • Mid-extensive experience in MODX.
  • Located in, or close to our timezone.
  • Wants a long-term relationship.
  • Demonstrable experience (reference sites).
  • Has ability to develop a complete site (eventually).

Project 1
Our first project is to develop a Podcast page that can be added to our existing website. This page has had the design developed in XD (shared below). We are looking at getting a quote for the delivery of this website page. Part of this project is to develop a staging replica of the website that we can use to test developments like this.

Specific requirements for the project:

  • Ability to use XD for design briefing.
  • Page include static images
  • Page includes text
  • Page includes integration of Vimeo video’s
  • Page includes Google tracking code (supplied later)
  • Page includes Google tracking for video play progress (supplied later)
  • Page must be manageable through CMS for our staff
  • Page should be in-keeping with current CMS interface design (standard)
  • Security is critical for this project.

Resources for project reference:
Website: www.phmtechnology.com
Industry: RAMS - Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety
XD Link: Adobe XD
Contact: supplied at next step

Other Project Details:

  • Budget: $500 - $750 (for page coding only)
  • Timing: ASAP

I trust this is okay to post here with this level of detail? If not I guess someone will tell us. We are happy to chat via email once we have established those that can assist us. Pricing should be reasonable. As we have experience in MODX ourselves we understand how long things should take and therefore cost.

Look forward to some replies.


Hi there, sounds really interesting, I own a small dev shop in Colombia and have found that the timezone differences can translate into quicker delivery. Basically, we work while you guys sleep, so sometimes deliveries can happen overnight.

Regarding the design, I have a question, any preferences for the mobile version? My first guess is that the chapter list should become part of a side menu, but any mockup on how it should look?, and also, do you guys stick to any particular set of libs that you usually work with? (bootstrap, tailwind)

If you prefer email you can ping me at camilo.casadiego@trotalo.com, at that site you can see some of our work as well as as http://www.constructionandrepair.com/

Hi Cam, thanks for responding to the request. At this stage we do not have any mobile version of the page developed, so we are happy to take you advice on it. We also use bootstrap I believe, although this will need to be confirmed.

I will email you at your contact details to see if we can get a quote. We have a few other projects we’d like to push through the chosen developer, so we are keen to move quickly. I am concerned about you being in Colombia as when we need to discuss things it is generally more efficient to do this verbally. So while there is some advantages, there are a few challenges.

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Cool, will send your some thoughts over mail

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