Evolution site has a script problem

Hi,I maintain a site, it s a site containing a database of composers and editors for classical quartets and a few years ago “quintets” were added to it. However, it seems that the scripts have errors.
After the site was compromised a few years ago, it never got completely fixed.
The scripts were created by a third party, for free, he s realy busy lately and I dont understand Php well enough.
The site is voluntary maintained, so no budget, I was wondering if anyone has some time to have a look under the hood. Frank.

Hi Frank,

Evolution is no longer part of MODX. That said, your issues could be related to regular PHP stuff. It’s also very likely that PHP upgrades on the server have broken the scripts. It might be helpful if you post some of the errors you’re seeing or parts of the Error log to help guide you. For Evolution specific assistance, you may wish to check out their community forum.

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Hi, I suppose I knew, but the habit of going to Modx.com is natural, a bit. I ll go and have a look over there. Thanks.