EVO community : which future for the previous forum?


I’m still a user of the Evolution branch and it seems no longer possible to login to the previous forum (https://forums.modx.com).

I assume some of you are still maintaining some sites created under Evo.
Unfortunately, the community forum that was created by Evo.im is only available in Russian.

I’m aware that MODX (Revo) and EVO cms are now two different projects, but the previous forum is still a rich source of informations and the ability to list one’s own messages helps a lot solving issues already encountered in the past.

So, what’s the future for this community?
If MODx plans to completely close this forum, would it possibly make it available as a downloadable archive?

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The old forums at forums.modx.com will remain available in read-only mode.

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Hi Mark,
Thank you for your answer.
Could the read-only constraint be removed for some sections of the previous forum?
I’m thinking to the Evo sections and those dedicated to typical Evo extensions, like YAMS for instance.
If the monitoring of the visible part of the old forum means too much maintenance for MODX LLC team, would it be possible at least to allow PM messages amongst past users, so that they can still contact each other?

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Just for the record, I don’t speak for MODX LLC, my earlier comment was just stating what has already been said elsewhere. I’m not involved with the LLC in any way anymore.

In my opinion, you should be asking the Evo community about having a place for communication. Considering the formal split happened a long time ago, re-opening the old forums just for Evo would be very inconsistent.

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I believe all discussion of Evo stays in the github? I think the point is few Evo people use these forums except for older posts in the old forums.

I would not be against say a dedicated Evo thread in this forum…it probably would be enough. I suppose some support might pop up.

Also I think the gulf in language between the Russian community and English community is a big issue that needs a solution


We have no intention of hosting any forums of any kind for Evolution anymore. The project has been completely passed off to a community team, and the MODX LLC has no stake in the project anymore.

Since we’re nearing version 3.x for Revolution, we made the decision to finally pass it completely onto the community who maintains the software now. If you wish for an English forum, I suggest asking the Evolution CMS team for that now.

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I honestly don’t think there would be any value in doing so.

I just remembered a recent post from Jacko, its relevant here

the Evo discussions have moved to GitHub https://github.com/evolution-cms, since Evo does not belong to MODX anymore: https://modx.com/blog/evolution-cms-has-a-new-home

Please ask there for support. If I am right, you have to update Ditto to the last version.

There is also a slack workspace for this: https://evocmf.slack.com/, but you need an invitation.

I honestly don’t think there would be any value in doing so.
I just remembered a recent post from Jacko, its relevant here

Hi I’m also a YAMs Evo extra user. I just updated the YAMs doc in English in the Evo GitHub repository.
The Evo team just told me that they will soon synchronise it to the doc site : http://docs.evo.im/en/

I also upgraded YAMs to work with the latest version of Evo and PHP7 si it’s now fully compatible with v 2.0.2. The code will soon be available in the Evo extra repository

If you are interested, just let me know (I’m a Evo user that tries to go on with Yams with little updates because I have little time)