Event/reservation/booking system?

Is there some kind of reservation system that works with MODx3? Rocket Booking doesn’t seem to work at all and everything else is not compatible with 3.

I need a very basic system that allows users to sign up for a course with a given ammount of seats. Everything else would be handled outside of MODx. Did I miss something?

There will be a beta of an extra called Cursus in the 4th quarter (published at modmore) on base of Agenda.

That’s good to know, thanks!

I did take a quick look at the extra Rocket Booking and the functionality seems quite limited. From what I can tell, there is no way to book a seat from the frontend. I believe every booking has to be handled manually in the manager.

What are these “everything else” extras? Sometimes it doesn’t take much effort to make an extra run on MODX 3.

If you have some programming skills, then you could create a simple booking system yourself, for example with MIGXdb as described here:

One problem is though, that I don’t know if the MIGX “Package Manager” works yet in MODX 3. You probably have to generate the class files on a MODX 2.x installation and then move the package folder (in core/components/your-package-name) to MODX 3.

@halftrainedharry Thanks a lot! Although my programming skills are kinda limited, I will give this a try. Got other stuff working surprisingly. :wink: