Errors while trying to install extensions

I just started with MODX, CMS in general. Though I have been getting alot of trouble with not having access to files and folders. ( Warning (Permission denied))

Here is the error log, as I cannot fully explain it all.

Thank you

Your server configuration doesn’t allow the setup to remove itself after it was complete. You can simply remove it manually.

If you keep having file permission issues it may be worthwhile switching to a different type of server configuration, as that sort of issue is really annoying to have to deal with. What are you using now for your webserver?

Hi, thank you for the reply!

Im currently using the Apache webserver.

Hi, this doesn’t seem to be directly related to modx, but about your local files having the wrong permissions, you can fix it on linux (only for dev use), by running the following commands inside the www folder of your apache.

sudo chown -R www-data:www-data *
sudo chmod -R 0777 *

On an additional note, if you just want to play around with modx I’ll suggest a lighter approach than learning about apache, php and other dependencies, for this, here you can find some ways to easily play with Modx

Or you could also try one of the docker images, you have the official one or this one with this you’ll save yourself from all the dependencies and configurations needed for apache