Errors in modx2.8.4 (php8) in the "error log" inside the cms

Hi modxers

i was getting [root]/error_log and /manager/error_log errors (not going to recount them here as they’re all gone now) on php8 for modx2.8.3 and thankfully all gone now on modx2.8.4 with php8.

i had the following errors though on php8 in the modx2.8.3 control panel in “manage”–>“reports”->“error log” and they are still there on modx2.8.4 (php8) . no errors on php7.4 for modx2.8.3 or modx2.8.4

[2022-04-30 05:58:56] (ERROR @ /home/dsrservm/public_html/core/cache/mgr/smarty/default/01e5e378f6e31fee6675dc649924e388b99677e8_0.file.header.tpl.php : 75) PHP warning: Undefined array key “a”
[2022-04-30 05:58:56] (ERROR @ /home/dsrservm/public_html/core/cache/mgr/smarty/default/01e5e378f6e31fee6675dc649924e388b99677e8_0.file.header.tpl.php : 80) PHP warning: Undefined array key “a”
[2022-04-30 05:59:01] (ERROR @ /home/dsrservm/public_html/core/cache/mgr/smarty/default/01e5e378f6e31fee6675dc649924e388b99677e8_0.file.header.tpl.php : 75) PHP warning: Undefined array key “a”
[2022-04-30 05:59:01] (ERROR @ /home/dsrservm/public_html/core/cache/mgr/smarty/default/01e5e378f6e31fee6675dc649924e388b99677e8_0.file.header.tpl.php : 80) PHP warning: Undefined array key “a”

any ideas what they are? why is modx complaining about a cache file? if i clear all errors there, the errors are generated as i click buttons (e.g. dashboard) in the /manager control panel. cache is cleared regularly. no strange work done on in modx as i am just testing this cms on php8. thanks in advance for any pointers you might have.

Looking at the file in the cache, the warning seems to stem from the code @$_GET['a'], when there is no get-parameter a.

This code is generated by the smarty template engine ($smarty.get.a).

Possibly related to this topic.

thanks for the feedback. as per File TV PHP warnings from Smarty templates, PHP 8.0 · Issue #15792 · modxcms/revolution · GitHub suggestion i set “debug” to “0” in modx2.8.4 settings and that disables the reporting and the manage error-log does not fill up with those error entries. there is an underlying issue there but i can’t fix it :slight_smile: and i see no fix on the modx support pages or google, and i am using the very latest modx2.8.4 now, so i’ll just hide it for now :slight_smile: .