Hi. guys, tell me how to correct mistakes
1.Поле reCAPTCHA пустое. Пожалуйста, проверьте чанк Formit и консоль браузера.
2.Data Google API ERRORS:

What MODX extra do you use for reCAPTCHA?
What version of reCAPTCHA are you using? v2 or v3?

good evening. version 3

This error message indicates, that the form field “g-recaptcha-response” was empty (or missing completely).

This error message gets output, when your server can’t connect successfully to the Google API (to check the value “g-recaptcha-response”) or when the user is likely to be a bot.

good evening.clarify, does it mean not to pay attention to such errors?

It depends.
Does the form usually work?

If you see such errors only occasionally, then it’s probably a bot or someone who has javascript disabled in the browser, that tries to send the form.

If these errors occur every time a form is sent, then there is probably something wrong with your code.

good afternoon. the form is working. I can’t say when the error appeared