Error message on upgrade from MODX2.8.5 TO MODX2.8.6


We are on modx2.8.5, upgrading to modx2.8.6. php 8.2 . MySQL 8.0.34 .

As soon as we upload the new modx2.8.6 code into the the modx2.8.5 code base,

we see the following error at the top of the web page for:

Deprecated: Creation of dynamic property modInstallLexicon::$config is deprecated in /home/dsrservices/public_html/ on line 35

The error message stays there until the upgrade is done and no error_logs are created but it does relate to something that most modxers know little about :slight_smile: so maybe one of your modx experts could look at it for the modx2.8.7 . thanks for all your help.

It’s only a deprecation warning that is shown because you use PHP 8.2.
The code should still work correctly.

I created this pull request on Github that should resolve the issue:

super work @halftrainedharry - much appreciated. have a good week