Error log is stuck "Working" and then freezes with no output

MODX 3.0.3

I was able to secure core in user root outside of www access. Everything seems good except the logs access from inside Manager. Can see log in cPanel file manager, has content.

The error.log file is set to 644…Is this a file permissions issue?

644 is usually fine unless your host has some weird permission thing going on.

Do you see the option to clear the Error Log, or to download it? IF do downloading and then clearing it might solve your problem. If not, you can download it in cPanel’s File Manager, then delete it there.

If that works, give it a few hours, then check to see if there’s a recurring error that’s filling it up.

There’s also a deprecations log that can get quite large. Changing the log_deprecated System Setting will stop that. I don’t know where that log is stored.

What exactly do you mean by that? Did you move the core folder?

In MODX 3 moving the core outside of the web root isn’t possible anymore. See this article:

@halftrainedharry I beg to differ because I certainly did move the core folder when I got the "Core is accessible by the internet and ht.access > .htaccess etc. warning.

See, all the www root folders, no core.


That was an instinctual thing to move it after getting the warning, and MODX 3.0.3 has been working a charm other than this error.log [inaccessibility?].

After troubleshooting the package manager/extras issue and possibly submitting a pull I’ll come back to this moving the core topic. AADD. I do what I can. Gotta stay focused. Haha.

@bobray that’s actually a good idea and I was thinking along those lines until I read about this so-called inability to move core folder. But, your idea worked and I have the error.log access now. Thank you.

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