(ERROR in modMenu::getSubMenus @ core/model/modx/modmenu.class.php : 148)


I’m running Modx 2.7.3.
I’ve just started getting the following error:

[2020-05-06 10:14:05] (ERROR in modMenu::getSubMenus @ /home/website/public_html/core/model/modx/modmenu.class.php : 148) modAction support is deprecated since version 2.3.0. Support for modAction has been replaced with routing based on a namespace and action name. Please update the extra with the namespace tagger to the routing based system.

Line 148 is:
$ma['children'] = $menu->get('text') != '' ? $this->getSubMenus

It seems to be affecting the extra Collections. I’m unable to view any Collection views when clicking the Collection resource. It’s just blank.
I’ve updated all extras but unsure what to do next.
I have noticed that my PHP version is 5.6.40 and wonder if this might be the issue?

Thanks for any help


The issue is with the Tagger extra. It looks like it’s been reported here.

See if turning off the log_deprecated System Setting helps.

Thanks for your input @bobray.
I’ve turned log_deoprecated off but this doesn’t alter the fact i can’t see any child docs in my Collection resources.
Any idea about that?
I’m wondering if i should roll back to the Modx version.
Thanks for any help

The only thing I can suggest is reporting the bug here (if it’s not there already).