ERROR in Installation

Hi everyone! I am currently trying to set up MODX on a Linux KVM VPS. However, I keep facing this issue below.

So did you check the PHP configuration file php.ini?
What’s the value of the setting date.timezone? Is this value valid?

Hi! I already checked PHP configuration file php.ini and inserted the timezone multiple times, but the error still persisted.

How do I find the value of the setting date.timezone ? And how do I know if the value is valid?

In your php.ini you should have a line like (for example) this.

; Defines the default timezone used by the date functions
date.timezone ="UTC"

This sets the setting date.timezone to the value UTC.
A list of supported values can be found on the site that is linked in the error message.

MODX does these checks on setup:

With ini_get(‘date.timezone’) the code reads the value of the date.timezone setting from the php.ini. With date_default_timezone_get the code gets the default timezone and outputs an error if the response is empty.

Maybe run a script like this on your server to see what the values in PHP are:

echo "date.timezone in php.ini is: " . ini_get('date.timezone') . "<br>";
echo "default timezone is: " . date_default_timezone_get();

Hi! I managed to get this issue solved, however I am facing another issue again.

Could not connect to the database server. Check the connection properties and try again.

It looks like the database information you entered (host, login name or password) is incorrect.