Error in FormIt

Why i get error on every forms?

[2023-04-26 13:43:18] (ERROR @ /customers/***/core/components/pdotools/vendor/fenom/fenom/src/Fenom/Template.php(487) : eval()'d code : 48) PHP warning: Undefined array key "title"
{$_modx->runSnippet('!FormIt', [

'hooks' => 'email',

'emailTo' => '',
'emailSubject' => 'Contact: [[+name]]',
'emailTpl' => '@INLINE <p>[[+message]]</p>',

'spamCheckIp' => '1',
'csrfKey' => 'contact-us',

'validate' => 'message:stripTags,email:email,url:blank',

'validationErrorMessage' => 'Oeps, foutje!',
'successMessage' => '<div class="alert alert-success mt-3 mb-2" role="alert">Het bericht is verzonden!</div>',
'vTextRequired' => 'Please enter a value for this field.',
'showLog' => 0,


It’s only a warning. So the code should probably still run correctly.

What versions of PHP, MODX, FormIt are you using?

I assume you’re using PHP 8. PHP 8 generates more warnings for incorrect code. Probably a line in the FormIt code has to be changed to fix it.

Can you maybe try to use a MODX snippet tag ([[!FormIt? ...]]) instead of Fenom, to see if you get a more precise log message where in the FormIt code the warning occurs.

No, all forms don’t send emails.
I’ve updated today MODX Revolution 3.0.3 and all extras but results.

Same error:
core/components/pdotools/vendor/fenom/fenom/src/Fenom/Template.php(487) : eval()'d code : 48) PHP warning: Undefined array key “title”