Error 500 on Cache Clear

When clearing the cache on the manager, I get an error 500 in the front end when I refresh the page but when I refresh it again it loads fine. Never seen this before. Nothing in the error log. Modx 2.7.2.
Any ideas?

Do you see the same behavior in other browsers and systems?

Good question and yes. Same in Firefox and Chrome.

Meant to add: I’m using MinifyX but have used this many times before with no problem.

And on a other system, your smartphone on data for example? And does it work with minify plugin disabled?

Next; do you have any custom snippets on the page you’re trying to load?

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Same problem on a different computer.

Problem goes away when minify is disabled and I’ve also now found some similar questions asked such as…

…but having read something else, I’m going to exclude CSS files one at a time and see what happens

It’s a problem with one css file used for Owl Carousel. I’m not going to look at exactly what the problem is as I’m switching everything to Tiny Slider anyway.

Thank you for your help in making me think about this - sometimes you just need to run it by someone!

Perfect. Not familiar with Tiny, I switched to a while ago.

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