Encountered a parser error: [2] Backtrack limit exhausted

I have integrated a chunk with the following snippet call on the start page:

<div id="pdopage">
    <div class="rows">
	&ajaxTplMore=`@INLINE <a href="javascript:;" class="button btn-default btn-more">Mehr</a>`

Unfortunately, this chunk is not rendered but displayed with brackets. The chunk can be called up correctly on another page.

The following error is in the log:

[2024-05-22 12:29:48] (ERROR @ /.../core/src/Revolution/modParser.php : 153) Encountered a parser error: [2] Backtrack limit exhausted

System settings:

ModX 3.0.5
PHP 8.3.6
pcre.backtrack_limit 1000000
pcre.jit On
pcre.recursion_limit 100000

Something messes up the MODX parser when it tries to find the MODX tags ([[...]]) in the page content.

When you include the chunk on your start page, is it nested in additional MODX tags?

Thank you very much, I have found the solution.
It was missing ]] in a ContentBlocks element.

I had this error on a site the other week and couldn’t get to the bottom of it. Suddenly it just stopped and I honestly think it was a en error with ionos hosting as everything went a little strange for a while.