Enable Two-Factor Auth for Manager Login

A Google search returned years-old forum posts with little direction on how to achieve this. We’re looking to have 2FA on the manager login screen. How is this enabled?

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Is this the best/only option? Asking for clarity https://github.com/minagerges/MODX-GoogleAuthenticatorX/wiki

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I’ve been wondering the same lately. GoogleAuthenticatorX is the only one I know off as well, but haven’t tried it yet. Presumably it uses the same methodology that other 2FA apps like Authy also use.

Mina Gerges, auther of that extra, has done a thing or two with the core login processors in the past though, so if anyone is able of building such a system, it’s probably them. :wink:

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I have this extra working very well in two production sites. Seems to work exactly as desired and check the boxes my customers needed for two-factor.


I would also be very interested in two-factor auth for Modx 2. Will this not be build-in on Modx 3 in the future?

Unfortunately, I know nothing about such MODX 3 build-in functionality… GoogleAuthenticatorX is perfect for MODX 2.x, maybe it will be good to ping the author and ask him directly… GitHub - minagerges/MODX-GoogleAuthenticatorX: Add 2-factor authentication to MODX manager login.